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Updates and Announcements!

Posted by WingsOfAsh - June 28th, 2022

What’s up gamers, got some news.

Firstly, everything I posted before I renamed myself Wings Of Ash have been removed! So any song under the Xentryx/Exentryx name have been deleted because, honestly, all those songs were kinda crap and no longer felt like mine. They just didn’t fit in with the rest of my songs. You can still find them on Spotify if you use the link here. Sorry if that’s inconvenient, especially if anyone used them in Geometry Dash levels or what not.

Second, I’m preparing to go on a hiatus. I’m not sure how long exactly, but nothing too long. I’m not going to be doing nothing, it’s so I can work on a huge project I’ve had planned for about a year now. I’ll explain it further down the post.

Third, the INFREYED collaboration. Last year I talked about a collaboration between me and INFREYED. Lots have changed with my production quality and procedure since then so I’m gonna have to start over and rework a lot on it. Don’t worry, it’s still happening. It will just take a while before it’s ready for release. It’s still going to be an epic orchestral dubstep track about 11 minutes long. Sorry about the huge delay on it. It’s going to hopefully be in the project I talked about earlier.

Fourth, consistency. After my next track, the one before my hiatus, I’ll be strictly focusing on one theme of music. That being hybrid metal orchestral dubstep. Think Xtrullor, but with more heavy metal elements and darker tones. I’m still going to also do DnB, Riddim, Mid-Tempo, Hybrid-Trap, Ambient, and other electronic genres, but they will all fall under this orchestral metalcore style. If anyone has a better name for metalcore orchestral dubstep please leave a comment with what I should call it! If it ever comes to a request or collaboration, I make break genres a bit, but those will likely be far and few between.

Fifth, my big project. Now for the juicy part, the project that will be causing my impending hiatus. I’m announcing my first album “Catharsis.” All songs will fall under this new genre I’m going to be doing. I have plans for 15 songs, all being between 5-12 minutes each. Making the album between 2-2.5 hours long total. As you can see, this is a very ambitious project that will take lots of time to complete. But I’m dedicated. There’s someone I have to show what I can do and that the time they’ve spent talking to me and helping me out was not a waste on they’re part. That person being…

Lastly, my gratitude and unwavering respect for @Xtrullor and the time he’s given me. For a year now, I’d occasionally talk to Xtrullor and he would always reply with in-depth explanations and advice. Not even with just music, but also how I can be a better person for myself. Without him, I wouldn’t have even started producing music and my mental health would be so much worse. Songs like Samsara, Jnana, Reverie, and Supernova have changed my life and views on music in its entirety. The amount of respect I have for Xtrullor is immeasurable and I only wish to be like him. No amount of thanks can make up for how he’s taken time to talk to me. That’s why “Catharsis” will be a tribute to Xtrullor. I can never fully express my appreciation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this all, it truly means a lot to me. Thank you for being an awesome community. With several of my songs being Front Paged recently, my music being whitelisted in Geometry Dash, and all the support I’ve had, I’ve never felt better as a musician. Though it’s few for now, I’m truly thankful for the fans I have. Thank you for listening to my music and pushing my music career closer and closer to where I want it to eventually be. I couldn’t do it without all of you here. I hope you will all stay around for when I return with “Catharsis” and every project that follows.

With a truly happy heart, I thank you.

-Wings Of Ash (Taylor)





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